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"Zak hits many high notes (even literally-think Mariah Carey) and possesses a maniacal laugh that rivals SpongeBob Squarepants Plankton" - Entertainment Weekly

"John Treacy Egan (Newt Gingrich) and Kevin Zak (Kenneth Starr) are as villainess as The Riddler and The Joker on “Batman”. This dynamic duo compliment each other in the most diabolical ways with their antics. Larger than life and amazing with timing, the two actors enhance the plot with humor and authentic performances. Spoiler: Zak’s striptease as the dark and brooding Starr is worth the ticket price alone." - City Pulse


"Kevin Zak - Where have you been? NYC welcomes this comedic genius. His performance as Kenneth Starr is one to see and cherish." -New York Theatre Guide

"Zak plays Starr like a perverted Disney villain with a severe cowlick. He wows us with his high-flying falsetto in his show-stopping number 'A Starr Is Born.' - Theater Mania

 “Clinton — The Musical, where Starr steals the show as the Count Chocula of independent counsels...Played with gleeful relish by Kevin Zak, this Starr is a kinky maniac who gets off on hunting down the Clintons." - NY Post

Interview with BLEEP Magazine!

Kevin was featured in the September issue of BLEEP Magazine!  See the whole spread HERE!

Press from "Clinton! The Musical" at the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival 

"...Kenneth Starr (Kevin Zak), an igor-like investigator, whose show-stopping number has him stripping down to combat boots, fishnet underwear, and a leather chest harness." - Ian Tuttle, National Review Online

"...and Kennthe Starr (a truly scene-stealing Kevin Zak)..." - Jose Solis, Stage Buddy

"Kenneth Starr (Kevin Zak and his amazing falsetto)..." -Zachary Stewart,